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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Are your ramps designed to go outside?

Yes. They are made from exterior grade materials. All the structural spars, joists, posts and handrails are made from factory pre-treated timbers which do not require any further treatment. However, we do recommend that you apply a timber preservative (as recommended in the build manual) to the plywood parts.

Can I collect my ramp order direct from your factory?

Yes,  No problem!

Please place your order as usual on the website and just leave us a note when invited during the checkout to say that you will want to collect the order yourself.  When we process your order, we will contact you to arrange the day of collection and refund any delivery cost that’s been paid in full.

What’s included in a half pipe self assembly kit? (half pipe double, half pipe single or mini ramp)

Our kits make for simple assembly, with pre-cut joists, pre-drilled boards, all the screws & fasteners, plus the build manual with step by step instructions. You’ll be shredding your ramp in no time!

✓ Base(s) and transition pods
✓ Coping rails
✓ Riding surface materials in premium birch plywood
✓ Platform decks
✓ Handrails and posts (included when 4’ high & over)
✓ Full step-by-step build instructions
✓ Full on-line technical support

What’s included in a quarter pipe self assembly kit?

Our kits make for simple assembly, with pre-cut joists, pre-drilled boards, all the screws & fasteners, plus the build manual with step by step instructions. You’ll be shredding your ramp in no time!

✓ Transition pod
✓ Galvanised steel footplate
✓ Coping rails & platform decks
✓ Riding surface material in birch plywood
✓ Full step-by-step build instructions
✓ Full on-line technical support

What ground surface should I build my half pipe ramp on?

Half pipes can placed on firm well-drained lawns, compacted gravel, tarmac or solid concrete. The surface needs to be roughly level. If your site isn’t level & flat its advised to add our foundation plan to your order.

What ground surface should I build my quarter pipe ramp on?

Quarter pipes are portable items and ideally need to be placed on a hard surface such as concrete or tarmac.

It is also an option to ask us for additional riding surface material for you to cover existing ground, if you don’t have a suitable area for your quarter pipe.

Just get in touch for more details

I hate DIY, can you build it for me?

Yes we can! – If you are not the handy type, why not let the SB Skate Ramp team come and take care of your ramp build. We build around 1 in every 20 ramp kits we sell. Using our own team of experienced ramp builders, who are all employed by us, we can have most kits built in a day or two.

We currently offer the build service in mainland UK. We offer two levels of build.

1. Structural Only builds

This option includes construction of the base timber sections, the transition pods, the platforms, support posts and handrails. It would leave you with a fully constructed structural ramp which only needs the riding surface sheet material to be installed to complete. (This means installing typically 8 sheets of 8′ x 4′ plywood, 9 mm thick, onto the structure) This option is aimed at those customers who want the bulk of the work done, but are happy to put the finishing touches to the structure and claim the glory from the kids!  (excludes kit cost & delivery)

2. Full builds

This is as option 1. Plus we will also install the riding service sheet material for you, so that the ramp is ready to ride when we leave. This option usually pushes us into an additional day on site, hence the increase in cost. (excludes kit cost & delivery)

Contact us to discuss your requirements

I've seen your range but I don't see the exact ramp I want, can you build me a custom/bespoke ramp?

How long does it take to receive my order?

It takes around 5 working days for us to dispatch your kit from the date of order. There can be a longer lead in time in peak season but if you need it quick, tell us and we’ll advise if we can meet your required date.

My son/daughter is new to skating, how do I know which ramp to buy?

Confidence and skill levels build quickly when you are on your own ramp. Our customers don’t spend an age waiting for a turn on the ramps at the skate park!

Even young children quickly gain confidence and ability by just spending time on the ramp. With this in mind, its good to give them a ramp that is both fun but challenging, which will hold their interest. A 4′ high half pipe is therefore a great option for all ages.

Does the street skate range of products come ready built?

Our street range of products which include:- grind box, grind rail, launch ramp & kicker ramp are delivered flat packed.

They are designed for a quick assembly with basic tools, usually in under 15mins.

If your unsure you would be able to assemble, please contact us and we would be happy to send you the assembly guide, before you order, to make sure you’re OK with it.