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If your build site is a garden with grass or dirt, the best foundation is a matrix of paving slabs to support the ramp at key structural positions. This method saves you the time and expense of paving the whole area and provides a level base on an otherwise uneven site. It also keeps the structure just off the ground and away from constant moisture, which prolongs the life of your ramp. By following the plan & guide, you can simply layout your paving flags in the correct positions and level them up. This can be undertaken while your ramp kit is being manufactured. It all makes for a speedy build when your kit arrives and ensures you’ll have a level and twist free structure which pays dividends when fitting the riding surface material. You will receive a bespoke Cad plan with dimensions for your ramp and a how-to guide with step by step instructions.

1. Saves you time and money

2. Makes for a quicker build

3. Prolongs the life of your ramp

Priced at £29

Skate ramp foundations